Las Marthas

This feature documentary follows Mexican American debutantes who dress in colonial gowns to portray American Revolutionaries at an annual pageant for George Washington on the US/Mexico border. Part of a tradition that goes back over 115 years. Independent Lens broadcast, 2014.
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The Last Conquistador

This feature documentary collaboration follows the construction of the world’s largest bronze equestrian statue intended to honor Hispanics of the Southwest. Instead, the monument to the little-known Spanish colonizer, Juan de Oñate, reminds the public of genocide against Native Americans in the area and divides the community along race and class lines.  P.O.V broadcast, 2008.


Grandma’s Hip Hop

A hearing-impaired Abuelita imagines the sounds of her kitchen morph into a hip hop beat. One of ten interstitials that LPB awarded in 2001.  PBS Digital release, 2003.


Wheels of Change

A turf war between a neighborhood piraguero and a Puerto Rican Schwinn Bike Club member in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This mini-film was commissioned by the festival sponsor to play before every feature at the New York Latino Film festival, 2007.


Dirty Laundry: A Homemade Telenova

A short film about a 12-year-old Chicana who discovers the hidden pleasures of the spin cycle on the eve of her cousin’s quinceñera. I created this experimental narrative from scraps of home movies, telenovelas and TV I grew up watching with mom and some of my own fiction.  PBS broadcast, various programs nationwide, 2002.


Love & Monster Trucks

A feature screenplay inspired by growing up around my family’s trucks, modifying shops, used cars, junkyards and car lots, on both sides of the border. Erin Ploss-Campoamor has joined me as co-writer. 



I created a few short satirical parodies with this Latina arts collective.